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Art- Lynn Pollei

Welcome to my online classroom.

Greetings fellow artists!  I miss all of you!  You inspire me everyday to become a better artist and teacher.  I hope everyone is staying at home and staying safe.  I have put some drawing ideas in your distance learning packet.  I have also put some links to museums here in Oklahoma and all over the world!  You can log on to these sites and actually see work by famous artists we learned about while we were together and you may discover some new favorites!

The Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art here in Shawnee is showing off their collection (Who doesnt want to see an egyptian mummy?  Right?). They are also sharing an art project on Facebook each week that you can do from home.  

Please take time to be creative everyday!  You do not need a fancy sketchbook or special pencils—art can be made from anything!  I have been drawing on cut-up brown paper bags!  I love the texture of the paper!  Keep your eyes open—found or recycled objects can make amazing art!  Wait until you see my paper mache turtle made from a broken popcorn bowl!

I also set up a Youtube channel— search for “Creative Bark” and you will find some amazing art lessons filmed just for you!

I would love to see your work!  My email address is:  Please email me a few pictures of your art! Also, if you have any questions or need help I am here—


Mrs. Pollei

Lynn Pollei

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